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  • Believing to double the success of the double -point impact strategy "insurance" from Cathay Taiwan financial group to become the most strong and reliable financial institution in Vietnam.
  • Focus on building a pair of excellent consultants
  • Providing unique products to gradually create a unique identity of Cathay Life in the Vietnamese market.
  • Commitment to providing the best insurance and financial services and perfect service quality in all aspects to Vietnamese people.

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Cathay Insurance Company Limited - No. 1 brand in the life protection industry in Taiwan

Cathay Insurance Co., Ltd was established in August 1962, under Cathay's leading financial group. Over the past 6 decades, with the great support of a large number of professional staff, shareholders and large customer networks, attentive customer care policies, Cathay life insurance company has always been Duy Duy. Maintain revenue, assets and stable development policies. Today, in Taiwan, Cathay Insurance Company is the number one brand in the life insurance industry.

Your Needs

We provide a variety of products according to the financial needs of our customers.

to life insurance

Life insurance gives you peace of mind, protecting family finance. Learn about life insurance immediately so that you can fully enjoy the benefits that the life insurance brings.
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Beautiful life

Life insurance gives you peace of mind to know that you are protecting the people you love.
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Payment for insurance

  • Can use ATM/ Visa/ Master Card/ JCB card ... to proceed with payment
  • Your payment requirements will be processed by the partner bank of Cathay Life.
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Manage your life insurance policies anywhere, anytime
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