Personal data privacy terms

Cathay Life Vietnam Co., Ltd (“Cathay Life VN”) always respects privacy and uses all measures in its power to protect Clients’ personal data in accordance with the provisions of the laws.

The Personal Data Privacy Terms (“Terms”) are an integral part of the agreements governing the relationship between Cathay Life VN and the Clients. For the avoidance of doubt, “Clients” in these Terms are understood as the policyholder, the insured, the beneficiary, the user of products and/or services of Cathay Life VN (including their legal representative).

By choosing to consent and confirm this choice, Clients understand, acknowledge and agree to allow Cathay Life VN to process the personal data voluntarily provided by Clients in accordance with these Terms. In the event that Clients do not consent to provide the personal data necessary for Cathay Life VN to be able to provide the requested products and/or services, Cathay Life VN shall be incapable of providing such products and/or services.

1.   Purposes of processing personal data

Cathay Life VN can process Clients’ personal data for one, some or all of the following purposes:

  • Provide products and services at the request of Clients.
  • Perform the authentication, identification, underwriting of Clients when Clients have the need to enter into an insurance policy and/or manage, maintain the policy, perform transactions, operate on accounts opened at Cathay Life VN, including all platforms and applications provided by Cathay Life VN from time to time.
  • Implement publicity programs, special treats, promotions, campaigns, advertising, events.
  • Send periodic premium reminders.
  • Conduct verification, settlement and payment of insurance benefits.
  • Respond to Clients’ questions and/or resolve complaints, disputes.
  • Implement reinsurance.
  • Improve the quality of products and services.
  • Perform market research, survey, data analysis related to products and services.
  • Evaluate, analyze, research, predict the behavior, habits, trends and needs of Clients.
  • Perform audits, risk management, internal control and compliance.
  • Prevent insurance fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Report, explain, provide and process information at the request of the competent entity and/or the laws.
  • Exercise other rights, obligations, activities, programs and operations of Cathay Life VN.

2.   Personal data to be processed

Cathay Life VN processes basic personal data and sensitive personal data of Clients, including the personal data initially provided, updated, modified and supplemented from time to time, including:

  • Basic personal data:
    • Family name, middle name and first name shown in birth registration certificate, and other names (if any).
    • Day, month and year of birth; day, month, year of death or missing.
    • Gender.
    • Place of birth, place of birth registration, place of permanent residence, place of temporary residence, current place of residence, native place, and contact address.
    • Citizenship.
    • Image.
    • Phone number, people’s identity card number, personal identification number, passport number, driver’s license number, license plate number, personal tax identification number, social insurance number, and health insurance card number.
    • Marital status.
    • Information on family relationships (parents, children).
    • Information on the digital account of the individual; personal data reflecting activities and history of activities of the individual in cyberspace.
    • Other information affiliated with a specific person or helping identify a specific person.
  • Sensitive personal data:
    • Political views and religious views.
    • Information on health status and privacy as stated in medical records.
    • Information relating to racial origin and ethnic origin.
    • Information on inherited or acquired genetic characteristics of the individual.
    • Information on physical attributes and biological characteristics of the individual.
    • Information on the sex life and sexual orientation of the individual.
    • Information on violations of the laws.
    • Client information of credit institutions, foreign bank branches, intermediary payment service providers and other licensed organizations.
    • Data on the individual’s position determined through positioning services.
    • Other personal data that are defined by laws as specific data and need the application of necessary confidentiality measures.

3.   Organizations and individuals allowed to process personal data

The processing of Clients’ personal data can be performed by one or several organizations and individuals other than Cathay Life VN as listed below:

  • Enterprises in the Cathay Financial Group.
  • Domestic and/or foreign organizations and individuals providing services to Cathay Life VN and/or being partners of Cathay Life VN (including but not limited to credit institutions, audit, reinsurance, auxiliary insurance, medical facilities).
  • Competent authorities as prescribed by laws.

4.   Methods of processing personal data

Clients’ personal data can be processed in accordance with Cathay Life VN's policy and/or application from time to time, including but not limited to collecting, recording, analyzing, validating, storing, modifying, publicizing, combining, accessing, retrieving, revoking, encrypting, decrypting, copying, sharing, transmitting, providing, transferring, deleting, destroying.

5.   Personal data security and data safety risks

Cathay Life VN applies and continuously updates appropriate technical and management measures within its capabilities when processing personal data to avoid the loss, destruction or damage of personal data, and shall simultaneously improve its ability to ensure the safety and security of Clients’ personal data.

Clients understand and agree that the technical system, personal data security measures, online transactions, personal data processing activities in cyberspace and other related issues always pose certain potential risks, including but not limited to personal data being leaked, distributed, exploited, appropriated. Clients take necessary measures to actively secure the information related to their policy and password on accounts opened at Cathay Life VN.

6.   Time span of processing personal data

Cathay Life VN processes Clients’ personal data from the time Clients voluntarily provide personal data to Cathay Life VN. In the event that Clients withdraw their consent, Cathay Life VN shall not be able to continue to provide the products and/or services requested by Clients.

7.   Rights and obligations of Clients regarding personal data processing

  • Rights of Clients regarding personal data processing:
    • Know, consent, withdraw consent, access, provide, delete, restrict, object to the processing of their personal data, unless otherwise provided by laws and/or competent authorities. The aforementioned rights are exercised according to Cathay Life VN's procedures applicable from time to time.
    • Complain, denounce, sue, claim for damages in accordance with the laws when a violation of regulations on the protection of personal data occurs.
    • Protect themselves or request competent agencies and organizations to implement methods to protect their civil rights as prescribed by laws.
    • Other rights under these Terms and/or the laws.
    • Obligations of Clients regarding personal data processing:
    • Protect their own personal data; request Cathay Life VN to protect their personal data.
    • Respect and protect other people’s personal data.
    • Provide complete and accurate personal data at the request of Cathay Life VN once consenting to allow the processing of personal data.
    • Other obligations under these Terms and/or the laws.

8.   Provision of other people’s personal data

When Clients provide Cathay Life VN with personal data of other data subject(s), Clients undertake that Clients are the guardian, representative or have been duly authorized by the data subject(s) to provide personal data on their behalf, including consent to:

  • Cathay Life VN processes personal data of such data subject(s) under these Terms; and
  • Clients can receive notices about the protection of personal data on behalf of such data subject(s).

9.   Processing personal data of people declared missing or dead

When Clients are declared missing or dead, the personal data of people declared missing or dead that have been previously provided to Cathay Life VN shall continue to be processed. In case it is necessary to provide more personal data to serve the performance of insurance policies, Clients undertake that the provision and permission to process personal data of people declared missing or dead have been consented to by their spouse or adult child, in the absence of such people, consent of their parent must be obtained.

10. Processing personal data of children

When providing children's personal data to Cathay Life VN, Clients undertake that the children's consent has been obtained in the case that the child is 07 years old or older and that the parent or guardian as prescribed has consented to allow Cathay Life VN to process the personal data of children.

11. Contact

In case of any questions about these Terms, feel free to contact us through the following channels:

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