Please choose a suitable form, fill in information and send to Cathay Life VietNam through one of below methods:

  • Submit your request directly to Cathay Life office or nearest Cathay Life branch office
  • Through agents thats serve your insurance policy
No General Forms Download
1 Application form of changing policy information (A)_G1 dowload
2 Application form of surrender_G4 dowload
3 Application form of changing policy information (B)_G5 dowload
4 Application form of changing signature_G9 dowload
5 Form of registration automatic premium pay dowload
6 Application form of policy benefits_G2 dowload
7 Form of terminate automatic premium pay dowload
8 Form of premium paid certificate dowload
9 Claim Form_01H dowload
10 Appendix 1 - Claim application form dowload
11 Power of Attorney dowload
12 GB: Registration form of auto-payment bank account dowload
13 GP: Registration form of MPOS/POS-online dowload

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