Evaluation process

General introduction

"With a team of professional evaluation experts and doctors with many years of experience in the field of medical, our motto of working is to evaluate and select risks correctly to ensure fairness to customers, and to maintain the company's business stability.

Appraisal Department of Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd
The World Center, 46-48-50 Pham Hong Thai, District 1, TP. HCM.

Hospital address/associated clinic

In order to perform health checks for customers when participating in insurance, currently our company is associated with hospitals/clinics, please go to the following link to see the address: hospital/clinic address/clinic.

New insurance requirements

  • A set of new insurance requests includes the following documents:

    • Application for insurance.
    • Agent report.
    • Contract illustration table.
    • A copy of the identity card of the BH buyer and the BH person.
    • The first premium fee + first premium.
    • A copy of the identity card of the BH buyer and the BH person.
  • After the contract is issued, the service agent will transfer the insurance contract to the customer including:

    • An insurance contract.
    • Finance bill.
    • Letter confirming the contract.

Customers who receive insurance contracts from the agent will sign a confirmation letter to confirm the contract. The confirmation letter of handing the customer's signature will be transferred by the agent to the customer service center to complete the process of distributing new insurance requests.

Branches, transaction offices

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