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Product code: C10

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Product Feature
  • A smart solution keeps you prudent with your presence and confidently have a plan for your future for the dream of relaxing at retirement.
  • Cathay Advanced Whole Life with premium paying period of 10 or 20 years, you will immediately receive unsurpassed benefits that sometimes feel like they only exist in your imagination.
  • Non-participating product.
Insurance Benefit
  • Death/ Total Permanent & Disability (TPD) Benefit:
    PPP Death/ TPD Benefit
    10 years 20 years
    During PPP 100%SA*(1+4%t*) 100%SA*(1+4%t)
    After PPP 150% SA** 180%SA
  • Additional accidental death/TPD benefit:
  • Cash Benefit:will pay a Cash Benefit at end of every 3 years.
    Times Cash benefit
    From 1st to 5th time 5% of Sum Assured
    From 6th to 10th time 8% of Sum Assured
    From 11th ~ over 10% of Sum Assured
  • Long Life Benefit:
    PPP 10 years: 150% Sum Assured when the Insured attains 99- year-old.
    PPP 20 years: 180% Sum Assured when the Insured attains 99- year-old.
  • Interest Feedback:
    It will be calculated at the end of every policy year during premium paying period.
    Method: (Ut + Ut-1) ÷ 2 × (ADR - IR).
    Ut: Cash Value at the end of year t.
    ADR: 12 month Average Declared Interest Rate.
    IR: Insurance Interest Rate.
Rules of Purchase
  • Insurance Term:
    Until LA attains 99 year-old.
  • Premium Paying Period:
    10, 20 years.
  • Insurance rate:
  • Age Limit:
    • Age (LA) of entry:
      Minimum: 0.
      Maximum: (65-premium paying period).
    • Age of PO: Minimum:18.
  • Payment Mode:
    Monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, yearly.
  • Premium Limitation:
    Minimum: 300.000 VND for each premium payment (included basic plan and riders).
  • Sum Assured Limitation:
    • Minimum: 10 million VND.
    • Maximum: 800 million (age=15).
  • Substandard policy:
    • Long-term (increase premium for whole premium paying period).
    • Short-term (reduce Sum Assured within 1-5 first years).
  • Rider: All.
  • Note:
    • When the death/TPD benefit or Additional accidental death/TPD benefit or long life benefit are paid, the policy will be terminated.
    • While choosing monthly payment method, customers have to pay 2 month premiums for the first time.
    • Insurable occupation class: 1~3.

(*)t: policy year.
(**) SA: Sum Assured.

Content of this page is only for product introduction. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the policy.