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Product Feature

With a strong belief and a commitment for making your life better, Cathay Life Viet Nam always gets along with you under any circumstances.

According to the above concept, we kindly introduce to you a new product “Cathay Advanced Term Life” with many advanced benefits:

  • Increase protection every year during payment term
  • Get back 110% total annual paid premium as soon as the payment term ends
  • Get 5 year-protection after the payment term ends
Insurance Benefit


  • Death or Total And Permanent Disability Benefit

In case of unexpected events lead to Death or Total And Permanent Disability, Beneficiary (ies) will receive 100% of the Incremental Sum Assured corresponding to the Policy Year during payment term.


  • Additional Accidental Death or Total And Permanent Disability Benefit :

The Company will additionally support 100% of the Sum Assured to the Beneficiary(ies) if the Insured unfortunately becomes Death or Total And Permanent Disability by accident.


  • Cash Return Benefit

At the Maturity Date, the Company will pay Maturity Benefit equal to 110% of the total annual paid premium as a gift for you and your family

Notes :
SA : Sum Assured
Incremental Sum Assured: In the Premium paying period, the Incremental Sum Assured is equal to 100% SA plus the accrued interest that is equal to 10% SA for each policy year. After Premium Paying Period, the Incremental Sum Assured will be equal to the amount of Sum Assured in the following table :

Policy term 15 year 20 year 25 year
Incremental Sum Assured 200% SA 250% SA 300% SA

TPD: Total and Permanent Disability


  • Illustration of benefits

Mr Nguyễn Văn A, 35 years old, buys Cathay Advanced Term Life with Sum Assured 42 million VND. The Premium Paying period is 15 years corresponding to Policy term: 20 years. Annual premium for this Product: 2.982.000 VND

Illutration of Insurance Benefits

Cash Return Benefit 49.203.000 VND
Death or TPD Benefit* 46.200.000 ~ 105.000.000 VND
Additional Accidental Death or TPD Benefit 42.000.000 VND
Accumulated interest feedback** 12.097.000VND

(*) TPD : Total and Permanent Disability
(**)Accumulated interest feedback is calculated with declared interest rate assumption 11.5% during policy term.

Rules of Purchase

Premium paying period  : 10, 15, 20 years

Policy Term: 15, 20, 25 years corresponding to the policy term 10, 15, 20 years

Age of entry : 0 ~ 50 years old

Max age at maturity: 65 years old

Payment mode : monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual payment

Content of this page is only for product introduction. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the policy.