Product code: R06

Được chấp thuận theo theo Công văn số 17490 /BTC-QLBH ngày 23 tháng 12 năm 2011 của Bộ Tài chính

Product Feature
  • Cathay waiver of premium rider help you have peace in your mind in any situations.
  • Cathay waiver of premium rider is one of many ways to protect yourself and your family.
Insurance Benefit
  • Benefits of Cathay Waiver of Premium Rider (R06)
    Waiver of Premium benefit:
    If the Insured DIED or became TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY DISABLED, the total future premiums of this Rider, Signed Insurance Policy and Other Attached Waivble Riders will be waived.
  • Example of Insurance Coverage of Cathay Waiver of Premium Rider (R06)
    • Insured: 35 years old Male (same as Policy Owner of Signed Insurance Policy with premium paying period 10 year).
    • Sum Assured: equal to total premium of Signed Insurance Policy and Other Attached Waiveble Riders, assumed the total premium of Signed Insurance Policy and Other Attached Waiveble Riders is 5.0 million VND.
    • Premium Paying Period: 10 years.

Annual Modal Premium: 174,000 VND

Rules of Purchase
  • Policy Term: 6-20 years.
  • Prem. Paying Period: equal to Policy Term.
  • Age at entry: from 18 and expire at maximum age 65 years old.


  • This product does not accept substandard cases.
  • No surrender value.
  • This product cannot be attached to Universal Life and:
    • Cathay Child Education (C02).
    • Cathay Enhanced Child Education (C04).
    • Cathay Premium Child Education (C08).
    • Cathay Advanced Child Education (C12).
    • Cathay Short Term Endowment (A03).
    • Cathay Accidental Endowment (A05).
  • If PO and Insured is the same one, this rider can’t be attached.
  • R02 cannot be waived premium:
    • The SA of R06 doesn’t include the premium of R02.
    • If the insurance event happened, Company would waive premium for basic plan, other waivable riders but customer must pay premium for R02.
  • The customer only attaches this rider at the effective date of Signed Insurance Policy or within thirty (30) days before the next anniversary date of the Signed Insurance Policy which has remaining policy term equal to policy term of rider.
Content of this page is only for product introduction. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the policy.