Cathay Life's commitment

.SHIP Life insurance is to protect customers and families before difficult times in life. Cathay Life resolves insurance benefits quickly with the attention and empathy along with a simple, easy process, and only requires really necessary information.

The process of resolving benefits

  • How to apply for insurance benefits

    The person requesting the settlement of insurance benefits submits direct applications at the company's branches and transaction offices.

  • Time to settle insurance benefits

    • Simple case: 5 working days
    • Other cases: No more than 30 working days (if after 30 working days and this delay due to the company's error, the company will pay additional interest on the total payment amount as prescribed by the provisions of the provision).
    The deadline starts from the date the company receives all documents according to the relevant product terms.

Apply records

  • The person requesting to solve insurance benefits

    The person who requests to settle insurance benefits is the insurance buyer, the insured or the beneficiary.

  • Time to settle insurance benefits

    The time limit for the requester to make a request for insurance benefits is 01 year from the date of the insurance event (except for objective obstacles or force majeure events).

Request records

  • Application for insurance benefits.
  • Documents proving insurance events.
  • Personal papers of the insured person, beneficiary.
  • Power of authorization for the company to verify and collect information (certified by the People's Committee of the ward/commune where residence).
  • Other necessary documents as required by the company for each specific case.

Payment methods

  • Cash payment at branches and transaction offices of the company (only applicable to the case of cash payment less than VND 30 million).
  • Payment via bank channel (transfer, receive money with ID/ CCCD).

Branches, transaction offices

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